The Problem

20 million people in the US suffer from a substance use disorder. Despite multiple therapeutic interventions, over 40% of people never recover. 150,000 people a year die from drug overdose or alcohol related causes. 

The Solution

Long lasting, but reversible, changes in synaptic connections, receptor expression, regulatory elements in neurons and glia drive the brain’s reward system toward drug seeking behavior

All drugs that humans abuse cause structural and molecular changes in reward components of the brains of animals and animal models of addiction with face validity have been developed

Research with pharmacological agents, optogenetics, and knockout/knockdown in these animal models have identified genes that control these neuroadaptive changes in neurons and glia from different regions of the brain

The Team

Matthew Jarpe is a neuroscientist and drug hunter, with over 20 years of experience in pharmaceuticals. He is a co-founder of Regenacy Pharmaceuticals, a clinical stage company developing treatments for neuropathic pain.

I have experienced close-up the devastating effects that substance use disorder can have on the patient and their family. I saw an urgent need for new treatments for these disorders and I’m applying all of my industry experience and passion to creating new therapeutic options for patients.

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